Nitrogen Cycle

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  • Nitrogen Cycle
    • Nitrogen
      • Plays a very important role in nature
      • Needed to make amino acids and therefore proteins
      • Forms part of the organic bases needed to make DNA and RNA
      • Forms part of chlorophyll
      • Forms part of NADP and ATP
    • The nitrogen cycle is the flow of organic and inorganic nitrogen with an ecosystem
        • E.g                  Proteins -> Amino acids/nitrates
    • Main Process
      • Nitrogen fixation
        • Nitrogen (N2) ---> Nitrates (NO3)
          • Forms through nitrogen fixation bacteria
            • Azotobacter = living in the soil
            • Rhizobium = living in root nodules of legume plants. Has a symbiotic relationship with plants.
              • Bacteria gets food and shelter while the plants get ammonia ions produced by the rhizobium.
      • Ammonification
        • Plant/animal remains decompose into Ammonia (NH3)
          • OR
            • Waste (faeces) decompose into ammonium ions (NH4+)
      • Nitrification
        • Ammonia (NH3) converts into Nitrites in the presence of the nitrifying bacteria nitrosomonas
          • Nitrites (NO2-) turn into Nitrates (NO3-) in the presence of nitrobacter.
      • Denitrification
        • Ammonia (NH3) --------> Nitrogen gas (N2)
          • Through the denitrifying bacteria (pseudomonas)


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