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  • Nirodha
    • Blowing Out/Extinction
      • Dukkha, tanha, 3 mental poisons, desire
      • 5 hindrances
    • Ineffable
    • Deathless and unconditioned
      • Free from Samsara and paticca samppada
    • Often described negatively
      • more accurate
      • No limitations of expectation
      • P Harvey: 'beyond rather than after death'
    • Fully awakened
    • Paranibbana is started in this life and continued after death
    • Theravada = arahant Mahayana = bodhisattva
      • 5 ascetics - Deer Park Sermon
    • Unlimited by time unlike kalpas and eons in samsara
    • Nicharen Buddhists get glimpses of it when chanting
      • Something to be worked towards


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