Nine Years War

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  • Nine Years War
    • Aims
      • Defensive - his border. Louis carried out what he hoped would be "limited defensive operations." Treasure - "Paranoria over French security."
      • Did not want a long war
    • Causes
      • Reunions - Louis had bullied and antagonised Europe with these deubious claims to land.
      • "The Nine Years War was the result of 20 years of French Aggression"
      • Louis' paranoria over French security - wanted to scare the Reuinion gains
      • Religious - Louis wnted to restore his place among Catholic Princes as the "most Christian King" so began to persecute Huguenots
      • Louis' own  meglamania
    • Results
      • Treaty of Ryswick - lost all gains since 1697 except Strasbourg and Alsace Lorraine - returned to the Duke but still under control
      • The peace was unpopular in France
      • Fiscal system was breaking down - poverty in France
      • Louis could not carry on so made peace, influenced by Spanish Succession


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