Night of the Long Knives

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  • Night of the Long Knives
    • June 30th 1934
    • SA starts to want more power
      • 'Revolution from below'
    • Ernst Roehm wants to create 'people's army'
      • Merge between German army & SA
    • Roehm's idea challenged role/status of the army
    • The split between SA & army is a dilemma for Hitler
      • 3 million committed Nazis Vs. the only organisation who could overthrow him/ achieve his FP aims
    • Dozens of SA leaders are arrested
      • Many are shot in their homes. Other are executed in camps
        • Over 1,000 political opponents were killed
      • The next day, Roehm refuses to kill himself, so he is shot by the **
    • Von Schliecher is also killed


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