NHS and Community Care Act

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  • NHS and Community Care Act
    • multi-disciplinary team will care for the individuals needs
    • Weakness - they may be afraid to complain
    • a care plan will be written to make sure their needs are met
    • Weakness- services may not be provided in certain areas of the UK.
    • health and social care services work together
    • Weakness - may have to pay for certain services
    • the client has the right to complain if the service is not provided
    • Weakness - the client may not be aware of their needs
    • Weakness - treatment may be rushed because of time periods
    • the client has the right to have services provided in accordance
    • the client is fully involved in their care and treatment
    • consistent approach will be given by all their carers
    • the client has the right to have their needs assessed
    • high standards of care
    • information should be given about service available
    • allow them to have maximum independence




This is a very good resource, it has boosted my grade up in English from a D to B in half a year, it has boosted my grade in IT from a D to a B and maths from a F to a D. I would recommend this site if you need help with revision and you do not know how to revise. 

Sam Morran


I like this resource as it has highlighted the weaknesses of the Act as part of the mind map - it also clearly lays out the main points.

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