MS1 Newspaper and newspaper websites

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  • Newspaper Front Page/website
    • Menu bar/***** - at the bottom of the front page to say what can be found inside
    • Masthead
    • Logo
    • Lead story
    • Kicker - Feature that stands out because it is presented differently
    • Banner Headline - a headline that spans the whole width of the page
    • Headline
    • Editor
    • Cross head - usually centered
    • Chequebook journalism
    • Caption
    • By line
    • Bias - A form of prejudice; a person/group of people/place/thing is represented or ignored
    • Banner - the top area of the front page which includes masthead and publishing info.
    • News values - the criteria used by journalists for deciding what is worth reporting 'newsworthy'
    • NIB - news in brief - small taster stories
    • Over line - smaller, introductory headline over the main headline, usually underlined
    • Paparazzi - colloquial term to describe freelance photographers
    • Puff - area just below the masthead which contains a feature, report or promotion inside the paper
    • Pugs - something that attracts the reader's eye to the left or right of the masthead
    • Secondary lead - second, slightly smaller, story on the front cover
    • Sidebar - a story in a text box down the side, sometimes a tabloid puff could be in a side bar
    • Splash - the main story on the front page
    • Stand-first - First introductory paragraph of a story - often in bold
    • Strap line
    • Sub headings - used to separate text into smaller parts
    • WOB - white on black for the headline OR BOW


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