News Selection

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    • Moral Panics
      • news exaggerating and dramatising stories e.g gay plague/crime, can also be used as a scapegoat
    • Gatekeeping
      • having power to cover some issues and not others
    • Agenda Setting
      • media owners lay down list of subjects that will appear in the news
    • Influence of Owners
      • owners influences resources and info available in news stories often to ensure they make profit
    • Norm Settings
      • way the media and news companies reinforces social norms of society
      • 1. encouraging conformist behaviour e.g obeying the law
      • 2. discouraging non conformist behaviour e.g murder
    • Churnalism
      • form of journalism which journalists produce news articles based on pre-packaged material in the press(PR).
    • Time and Space
      • newspaper companies want to be first to get their story out, select certain info to publish due to deadline, select according to space
    • Making Profit
      • media being ran as a corporate business
    • News Values
      • Gutland and Ruge
      • factors news reporters use to decide if stories are news worthy
    • AO3: Globalisation
      • today's society global market has enlarged, gaining access to information on different platforms, therefore, we can gain an alternative view from what has been selected in the news
    • AO3: Inevitable
      • impossible to report on everything in society, so it is inevitable that a selection process will take place
    • AO3: Citizen Journalism
      • i.e how we make the news e.g recording from your phone and the footage hits the headlines as evidence e.g Lee Rigby murder


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