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  • News Selection
    • 2. Organisational or Bureaucratic Rules
      • The planning of collecting news may bias what news is gathered or how it is reported and presented
      • It is shown in a number of ways
      • Time and Space
        • The news  has to fit the time given or space in the newspapers such as a column story
          • will only appear if they fit the time and space
        • The story or event that fits the time period for example on a news show or newspaper column will be newsworthy
      • Deadlines
        • T.V news can cover the stories as it happens such as 9/11
        • However, newspapers have deadlines so they usually focus on the news of the previous day
          • This is why newspaper coverage of stories tend to be more detailed and analytical then most T.V coverage
      • Immediacy & Actuality
        • News with videos and soundbites are more likely to be reported on (newsworthy)as it adds dramatic reality
        • New technological advances added a new level of immediacy
          • BBC24 can now live stream (labelled breaking news)
          • You can also access the news at anytime e.g on your smartphones apps
      • The Audience
        • Pluralist argue the content of the news and style are a reaction to the type of audience that interact with it
          • 5 news is short and snappy as it is aimed at young people
        • Tabloid newspapers, The Sun, are aimed at W/C readership so they use simplistic language as they believe this is what they want
      • Journalist Ethics
        • All British newspapers signed up to 'press complaints commissions voluntary code of conduct'
          • It insists that the news has to be accurate and not misleading
          • However, it is criticised to be not powerful
            • PCC has no legal powers to punish any irresponsible media behaviour
        • OFCOM is responsible for protecting people from being exposed to harmful/ offensive material
      • Financial Cost
        • News gathering is expensive, in the past 10 years there has been a decline in types of journalism such as investigative reporting
        • This cost-cutting has had effects of the quality of news
          • William
            • It undermines the quality of investigative journalism.
            • It's said they only gather dirt/ revel secrets about private lives
          • Franklin
            • It identifies 'infortainment' news
              • Information & entertainment
            • It is news based on entertainment as it attracts a large audience


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