Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth part 2


Exploring Newgrange-Liam Mac Uistin

Newgrange-Geraldine Stout and Matther Stout

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  • Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth (part 2)
    • Newgrange
      • Irish name is Si An Bhru
        • 'Fairy mound of Bru Na Boinne'
      • Back recess features tri-spiral
        • Back basin and left basin are sandstone
      • Art
        • Guardian stone
          • Whilst not obviously human it has been remarked that this passage stone shows a masked figure
            • Zigzags for hair, double spiral is eyes, mouth is spiral and nose is lozenge
            • Located on bend of passage-purpose to frighten?
        • Right hand recess-roof stone. Intricate design
        • Spirals in left hand recess
        • Diamonds on corbels
        • Tri-spiral in back recess
          • Old tale of sun illuminating it
            • O'Kelly found that the sun came to just below it
              • Is this a very important symbol?
                • Intertwining symbols represent infinity or something?
        • Maps?
          • Spirals=mounds, lines=rivers, lozenges=fields
          • Or of the stars?
        • Show entopic images of a shaman figure when on drugs?
        • Also Celtic myths-spirals are giants fingerprints
      • Stone circle of 12 stones around Newgrange. After 2000BC-a stone sits on top of the timber circle.
      • Even Romans respected it-Coins from 400AD found
      • More finds-gold band with floral design found in debris near entrance. Two disc brooches, rings of gold silver and bronze. Bone dice, bronze strap loop in La Tene style, bronze pin, bronze bracelet.
      • Mound is flat-topped-large enough for ritual practices
        • Surrounding terraces could accomodate thousands
          • Communal witnessing of ritual events?
    • Knowth
      • One of the stone basin's was elaborately decorated.
        • Flint mace head also found-carefully carved again
          • Evidence of this being a royal/elite burial site?
        • Evidence of this being a royal/elite burial site?
      • Time of Christ became burial location. 35 burials, largely women
        • 2 burials are young men. Had gaming pieces with them.


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