Business: Section 5 (New Technology in a workplace)

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  • New Technology in the workplace
    • Computer Software improves productivity
      • Get more done in shorter time.
      • Customers can be contacted via e-mail and internet.
      • Spreadsheet software can be used to calculate cost and keep accounting records
    • Computers improve output
      • In CAD , software can make 3-D computer model of product and make instant changes.
      • CAM is much more accurate than tradition methods. Reduce human errors.
      • Electronic bar codes in shops and automatically recorded by a computer to buy stock when it runs out
      • Till allows customers to pay using debit card.
    • Computers reduce cost and increase efficiency
      • Initial costs are high , save time and money in long run.
      • Networks of linked computers , documents stored on central server.
      • Human brains make mistakes.
      • Businesses need to choose right technology or be left behind
    • Entrepreneurs can take advantage of technology
      • Keep in touch through phones and computers
      • Automate tasks , can lead to big time savings
      • People with little technical expertise can master a range of tasks. E.G proffesional documents


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