new right theories of the family 

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  • new right theories of the family
    • new right theory is
      • political
      • neo functionalist
      • conservative
      • anti feminist
      • anti society
    • the new right regard society as
      • over regulated
      • requiring free markets
      • breaking down
    • the new right see the family as
      • a vital building block
      • in decline
      • causing socal probelms
      • in need of a over hall
    • key sociologists
      • Murray dependency culture/ underclass
        • SPF result of over generous welfare state
        • the welfare state created a perverse incentive
        • the dependency culture created an underclass
        • crit: welfare benefits far from generous
        • solution abolish welfare benefits
      • Denis and Erdos fatherless families
        • increasing number of lone parent families headed by women 90%
        • experience poor life chances
        • boys especially adversely affected
        • produces boys/ men irresponsible
        • crit: assumes role of girls/ women is to displince men
          • fatherless families do no mean lack of male role models
      • morgan decline of the nuclear family
        • increased family diversity
        • cohabitation
        • crit: FD does not mean a decline in family values
          • cohabitation is not replacing marriage
            • Chesters viw
    • Love the nuclear family
      • based on conservative values
    • hate SPF


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