New Labour until 2001

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  • New Labour until 2001
    • development of NL programme
      • deal with Brown - don't run in leadership contest
        • - free hand chancellor - give up role after 2 election wins
      • nationalisation abandoned as party obj
      • Lab. MPs and candidates not to use 'socialist' to avoid scaring electorate
      • city + business wooed that cap. be safe in lab hands
      • legal restrictions on TU maintained
      • no longer present pollicies in class struggle
      • appealing to majority - m/c voters
    • 1997 election
      • L: 418 seats 44.4%
        • C: 165 seats 31.4%
          • share of low turnout
            • L majority 500,000 less than major's in 1992
              • BUT L. most united since 1945
    • Princess Diana's death
      • August 1997
        • "the people's princess" showed grasp of public mood
    • Economic Success
      • govt. borrowing led to a consumer credit boom
      • independence of Bank of England - control over inflation targets and interest rates
      • living standards among m/c rising as well as housing boom
        • moved away from image of 'tax and spend' party
    • Foreign Policy Success
      • NATO intervention in Kosovo resolve ethnic cleansing of Albanian Muslims by Serbians 1999
        • blair helped secure US help win of "goodies" over "baddies"
      • Northern Ireland
        • Good Friday Agreement 1998
          • B's detailed negotiations - opposition came from both sides
            • but much achieved before B
          • remained involved until 1997 omagh bombing 1998
    • Constitutional Changes
      • devolution in S + W
        • Scottish Assembly - prop. representation
          • Welsh Assembly without tax raising powers
      • London Mayor intro. 1999
        • Blair not want Living. to run for Lab. (loony left)
          • ran as independent and won - B retracted statement
      • many voters failed to understand why L so invested in reforms when more pressing issues NHS
        • freedom of info act passed and eu human rights incorp. into law
    • Ecclestone Sleaze
      • gave lab. party £1 million in return for tobacco advert. on f1
        • returned £1mil after publicised
    • New Lab. Economics
      • need to escape boom bust cycle and cut national debt, keep inflation low, avoid public spending reputation
        • stop spending more than it can afford on public services
          • inflation rate 2.5%
      • Microlevel Redistibution
        • series of measures to redistribute wealth to poorest in country
          • national minimum wage
          • working families tax credit


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