China and India case study on new consumers in Energy Market

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  • New consumers in energy market - China and India
    • what are the main sources of power?
      • China imports 3 million barrels per day
      • china's future is coal and renewables
      • by 2020 china wants 15% of its power to come from renewable sources
    • why has demand increased?
      • china's economy = manufacturing
      • India is strongly service based
      • China's economy is growing 10% a year
        • own oil is running out
      • rising car ownership in China
        • 2020 expected to have 140 million cars on road
      • rural- urban migration - China
        • 45 million expected to move to cities by 2012
      • 1990's China's economy became more capitalist
    • Is the access to energy equally distributed?
      • China's strategic position means that it is better at securing energy than India
      • India's electricity management+ distribution network
        • viewed in need of reform
      • India's energy is being stolen from its grid
      • many people in India suffer hours without power
      • 700 million Indians rely on animal waste and firewood fuel for cooking
    • How is the demand affecting climate change?
      • China - biggest producer and consumer of coal
        • pollution
      • energy consumption in India expected to quadruple in next 25 years
        • increased greenhouse gases
      • India had pledged to ensure that its per capita emissions never exceeds the developed world
      • Indian only contributes 4.6% of world GHG
        • population represents 17% of population
      • China is second to the US in its outputs of GHG
    • Are renewable energies being used?
      • China has plans to build HEP dams on all major rivers
      • Three Gorges Dam produces 16% of its energy production


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