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  • Mitosis
    • Interphase
      • Cell prepares for mitosis
      • DNA replicates
      • New organelles are manufactured and cell grows
      • Chromosomes are present as chromatin
    • Prophase
      • Chromosomes spiralise and condense, become visible threads
      • Centrioles move to opposite poles of the cell and spindle fibres begin to form
      • Chromosomes spiralise and condense further and can now be seen to consist of two sister chromatids joined at the centromere
    • Metaphase
      • Nuclear membrane has disintegrated and spindle fibres have grown across the cell
      • Chromosomes line up independently along the equator of the spindle attaching to the fibres via their centromeres
    • Anaphase
      • The centromeres divide into two separating the sister chromatids of each chromosome
      • Spindle activity pulls the chromatids apart and the separated chromatids move to opposite poles of the cell
    • Telophase
      • Chromosomes begin to uncoil
      • The spindle fibres disintegrate and the cell begins to constrict along its central axis
      • A nuclear membrane begins to form around each set of chromosomes
      • Cytokinesis
        • As the membrane continues to constrict, the cytoplasm becomes divided forming two genetically identical daughter cells
        • Each cell now possesses an exact copy of each chromosome that was present in the nucleus of the original cell


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