New Terrorism (Neumann, 2009)

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  • New Terrorism (Neumann, 2009)
    • The four characteristics
      • National focus -> Transnational focus
        • Old terrorism had transnational dimensions, such as the IRA and FLN in Algeria
          • AND new groups have a national focus - look at AQ and its crievance of Wesern interference in holy land
      • Hierarchical structure (IRA, Red Army faction) -> loose networks
        • Italian anarchists organised in loose newtorks, PLO did too
      • Politically motivated -? Religiously motivated
        • There are political aims; PLO, ISIS, AQ's aim to get US forces out of Saudi
      • Limited violence -> Apocaplyptic violence
    • Are the distinctions overstated? Is it unhelpful? (Jackson et al. 2010).
      • YES, if you look at evidence of deaths from terrorism, there is not much change. Much of what we see today are simply essential continuities (Duyvesteyn, 2004)
      • NO, there has been a lot of change in the nature of terrorism as proven by evidence (BOLANOS, 2012)
    • Bolanos, 2012
      • Some things are different, several of these are being shaped by the current environment
        • Lethality, 9/11 was not a singularity, other examples of mass-murder such as the  plan to jeopardise planes
        • AQ is religiously AND politically motivated


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