New Technology

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  • New Technology
    • Genetic modification
      • genes are altered
        • to give the gene more useful charcteristics
      • Views of the EU
        • GM foods must undergo strict safety assessment and can only be sold if they have no health risks
        • all GM ingredients must be clearly labelled on food packaging
      • Advantages
        • higher yield
        • cheaper to produce
          • cheaper to buy
        • longer shelf life
          • less wasted food
        • crops can be made to ripen earlier
          • food is fresher
      • Disadvantages
        • long term health effects are not known
        • modified genes could get out into the wider environment
          • e.g. weeds could become resistant to weed killer
        • can't be sold everywhere
          • EU restricts the import of some GM foods
    • Functional foods
      • have added health benefits
        • e.g. some fruit juices have added calcium
        • e.g. Golden rice has added vitamin A
      • Advantages
        • easy way to provide better nutrition
        • can held solve problems caused by malnutrition in developing countries
      • Disadvantages
        • can't just rely on functional foods
        • don't provide all the nutrients needed
        • doesn't actually tackle the causes of malnutrition
    • Modified starches
      • Pre gelatinised starch
        • thickens instantly when mixed with hot water
          • e.g. instant noodles


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