New Right views on Social Policy

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  • New Right views on Social Policy
    • New right takes a negative view on many social policies as they see them as undermining the traditional nuclear family.
      • They think that single parent families should be discouraged and the nuclear family encouraged.
        • One way to this is to reduce or eliminate the benefits given to single parents
          • whilst making the nuclear family and marriage more financially attractive.
          • VIEWS
    • Critical of welfare benefits given to single parent families.
      • Believe that it is encouraging young women to get pregnant because they know the state will look after them and their child.
    • They are critical of divorce and think that it is a quick way out instead of fighting for their marriage.
    • They exaggerate the decline of the Nuclear family.
      • Most adults still marry and have children
      • Most children are reared by their two natural parents.
        • CRITICISMS
      • Most marriages continue until death
      • Divorce has increased, but most divorcees remarry.
    • Feminism – gender roles are socially determined rather than being fixed by biology. Traditional gender roles are oppressive to women.
    • Feminism – divorce being easier is good because without it many women end up being trapped in unhappy or abusive relationships.
    • Chester (see later!) argues that the New Right exaggerate the extent of cohabiting and single parent families – most children still spend most of their lives in a nuclear family arrangement


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