New Right view on inequality

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  • New Right on inequality
    • Trickle-down theory
      • economic idea linked to politicians
      • Industries owned by government are privatised
      • wealthy pay less tax and more more profit.
        • Money they spend stimulates the economy and creates more jobs for everyone benefits
      • In 2015 - 160 conservative MPs called for tax cuts 45% to 40%
    • Underclass (Murray)
      • see inequality as a characteristic of the poor themselves
      • Spencer - poverty was good for society as it encouraged poor to work harder
      • Deserving (of help) poor people who are poor for reasons beyond their control and struggle to get out
      • Undeserving - live by crime and scrounging. spend money on drugs (O'Brian)
      • Cultural deprivation - poor have culture that keeps them
      • Cycle of deprivation - poor transmit poverty to their children through poor socialisation
    • Dependency Culture (Saunders)
      • welfare sate and benefits support poorer people but creates inequality by trapping
      • high benefits so feel no need to go out and work
      • tax-free cash in hand work commits to support
      • poor education and few skills
    • Evaluation
      • Blaming the victims of social deprivation and inequality for their own misfortunes when real issue is poor benefit levels and less opps
      • Overlook the power of evidence against the nuclear family (fem)
      • Policies are making people responsible for themselves - no longer be rely on the state


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