New right view of the family

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  • New right view of the family
    • traditional, patriarchal nuclear family is the best type w/ a clear cut of division between man and woman
      • Family diversity is harmful to society
    • lone parent families
      • leaves boys without an adult role model, educational failure, delinquency and social instability
      • mother cant discipline child
      • poorer on welfare benefits a burden
    • working mothers
      • should be at home whilst husband works
    • divorce and cohabitation
      • allows partners to avoid commitment
      • undermines conventional families
    • criticism
      • Ann oakley
        • wrongly assumes men and womens roles are fixed by biology
        • negative reaction to womens equality
      • no evidence that lone parent families are more likely to be delinquent
      • doesn't consider meaning of relationship to assume cohabitation is less committed


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