New right, paper 1 review.

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  • New Right
    • Families
      • Halsey / 1993
        • Found that children who came from families without fatherhood are more likely to perform worse, less healthy, and are are unstable parents.
      • Jewson / 1994
        • 4 Core family values
          • The family should always support eachother, intimes of poor health and age.
          • Woman should perform expressive role while men should perform instrumental
          • Public policies should oppose, not support LGBTQ+ rights
          • A family should be a nuclear family with biological children and married parents
    • Education
      • Halsey et al / 1980
        • Class effects on educational achievement
          • The service class is more likley to achive better educationally compared to the working class, being 11 times more likley to attend unviersity.
        • Home enncourgame-nt affects educational achievement
        • No. grammar schools within a certain area affects educational achievement
    • Overview
      • General Description
        • The new right perpsective argues that the underclass exploits welfare systems and the new right government by taking advantage of benefits, and never trying to gain independancy from the benefits.
      • Conflict / Consensus Debate
        • Conflict debate between new right government and unreclass
      • Culture Of Poverty / Dependancy
        • The culture of poverty refers to a culture developed by those in the underclass where they understand and accept their poverty, while a culture of dependency refers to their reliance on benefits as a result of their culture of poverty,


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