New Right approach on Family

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  • New Right approach on Family
    • Set  of political ideas based on the functionalist view that society is beneficial for society.
      • That society needs to return to more conservative values or else society will break down.
    • Return to traditional values
      • No cohabitation
      • Marriage before kids
      • No homosexuality
      • Traditional values ensure social order within society
    • Stats
      • 28% of  children with single mums grow up in poverty
      • 17% “   In nuclear families
    • The consequences of this; argued by the NW.
      • increase in  lone parent families
        • Increase in crime
        • towards to underclass development
          • Charles Murray
            • Who argues that this is due to the over-generous government with the welfare system
            • Which encourages people to rely on the state system
      • Evaluation
        • Different family types have always existed but some ( e.g homosexual couples) where simply ‘hidden’
        • John Bernades (1997) argues that most policies should support all families equally since no family  is better than other.
        • Deborah Chambers (2001) argues that the decline in family life is a moral panic made by right-wing politicians in order to justify cuts in government spending on benefits.
          • Lone parent families and the welfare system are being used as the scapegoat for issues within society
        • New Right thinkers don’t mention the dark side of N.F. Which is child abuse or domestic violence
      • Dennis & Erdos
        • Poorer health  than children from two-parent families
        • Boys grow up becoming irresponsible young adults whom later on will repeat the cycle of not caring for their wife and children therefore continuing the cycle of lone parenthood and the welfare system


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