New Religious Movements

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  • New Religious Movements
    • Wallis & Bruce
      • Groups & movements that have emerged from WW2 & have come to prominence in Western society
    • Wallis
      • Categorised by relationship to the outside world
      • Rejecting
        • Charismatic leader
        • Critical of outside world
        • Monopoly on the truth
        • Exclusive membership
        • Vary in size
        • Eg. Moonies, People's Temple
      • Accommodating
        • Usually offshoots
        • Just focus on religion don't try to improve world/life
        • Don't accept or reject the world
      • Affirming
        • Accept the world as it is.
        • Salvation is seen as a personal achievement & a solution to personal problems
        • Seek a wide membership
        • Try to sell services
        • Followers carry on normal lives except at training
        • Members not normally excluded
    • Reasons for growth
      • Appeal to M/C U/C who wish to recapture their inner selves they also have the money
        • Bird. Aff's Provide ways to work on themselves and bring personal growth
      • Weber argued that we have become disenchanted w/ the world
        • Bird. Aff's provide a spiritual component
      • There is a lot of pressure to be successful so people like Aff's
        • Bird. Aff's provide techniques to become successful
      • Rej's offer a theodicy of dis-privilege & a better life after death
      • Relative Deprivation: Something spiritual/emotional is missing
        • Glock & Stark types of relative deprivation
          • Social Deprivation: lack of power/status
          • Organismic Deprivation: physical/mental problems
          • Ethical Deprivation: the world is in moral decline
          • Psychic Deprivation: Seek spiritual fulfilment
      • Status Frustration


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