New religious movements

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  • New religious movements
    • spiritual groups emerged in relatively modern times, more recent than established religions eg/ christianity
    • arrived in the 1960'ssince ww2, globalisation and social revolution. mainly categorised as sects/ cults
    • roy wallis -internal conception -external conception how it sees society
    • world-rejecting movements
      • hostile towards society and receive hostility
      • control and discipline over members, sharp break from conventional life
      • millenarian beliefs
        • belief in an apocalyptic end and replacement with perfect world order
      • sects
    • world-affirming movements
      • accept the world as it is
      • fully optimistic and promise followers reward in terms of mainstream goals
      • claim special knowledge and techniques to unlock members power
      • cults
    • world accommodating movements
      • neither accept or reject society
      • believe the world has lost its spirituality aim to restore spiritual purity of religion
      • live in the world but not of the world
      • denominations


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