New Left Realism and Crime

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  • New Left Realism and Crime
    • Crime is a real problem to be tackled.
      • But they also take a socialist view - opposed to capitalist inequality.
      • They are also reformists - believe gradual change is best.
    • Causes of crime?
      • Relative deprivation - made worse by having access to material wealth messages.
        • Economic exclusion!
      • Subcultures - lead to illegitimate means.
      • Marginalisa-tion - lack of power leads to anger.
    • Solutions for crime?
      • Democratic and accountable policing.
      • Crime control should be a multi-agency task.
      • Involve communities in the creation of policies.
      • Reduce social inequalities!
    • Evaluations
      • Overlooks the importance of crimes of the powerful.
        • Pearce (1976)
      • Too much focus on inner city crime.
        • Skews data and makes problems seem worse than they really are.
      • Overly deterministic.
      • Rely on quantitative data - not a true picture.
    • Left Realist Views
      • Criticises traditional and new criminology for selling criminals as 'politically revolutionary'
      • Crime is increasing and evolving - victims are usually W/C
      • Say Official Statistics are not just social constructs.
      • Urban areas are becoming more dangerous.
      • There is disproportionately more ethnic crime.
    • Lea and Young
      • Islington Crime Survey
      • Tried to explain street crime committed by young people in urban areas.
      • Came up with the causes of crime seen in top left corner.


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