Never Let Me Go - Theme Quotations

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  • Never Let Me Go - Theme Quotations
    • Humanity
      • "Here was the world, requiring us to donate"
      • "There would always be a barrier against seeing you as properly human"
      • "We took away your art because we thought it would reveal your souls. Or to put it more finely, we did it to prove you had souls at all"
      • "In the end, it wears you down"
    • Fear
      • "Little private nooks created out of thin air where we could go off alone with our fears and longings"
      • "It wasn't him on that table, trying to cling onto life"
      • "It doesn't matter how well your guardians prepare you: all the talks, videos, discussions, warnings, none of that can really bring it home"
      • "They seemed to look at us oddly crooked, like when you draw a picture of a friend [...] the face on the sheet gives you the creeps"
      • "Fearful of the world around us"
    • Loss / death
      • "Poor creatures. I wish I could help you. But now you're by yourselves"
      • "... and I wouldn't mind at all if thats where I ended up" (recovery centres)
      • "No deferrals"
    • Education
      • "You've been told and not told"
      • "Your lives are set out for you"
      • "you'll start to donate your vital organs"
    • Friendship
      • "Mad animal"
      • "My dearest friend"
      • "Unable to quite let each other go"
      • "Quarrelling over all kinds of things"
      • "Judy Bridgewater. My old friend"
      • "Ruth put a arm around my shoulders"


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