Never Let Me Go Genre

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  • Genre
    • Gothic horror
      • Horror elements delivered in a subtle way
        • "It's horror movie stuff" pg 274
        • "tied to a tree with the hands and feet chopped off" pg 50
        • Evil may easily go on in the places where we aren't horrified
      • Real horror is the quiet acceptance of extreme dehumanisation or discrimination e.g. genocide not typical horror features
        • Context: Jews in WW2
        • Context: During the 1990s (when NLMG was set) there were concentration camps and massacres in Yugoslavia
    • Science fiction
      • Delivered in subtle way
      • All medical advances in our society taken further
        • Dolly the sheep being the first cloned mammal
        • Supposedly the birth of the first human clone in the 1990s
      • Focus on rights
    • Bildungsroman (coming of age)
      • About:
        • How children grow up and enter the adult world
        • How we know we will die and how we cope with that knowledge
          • I: the role of love and friendship  in the context of the constant, usually anaesthetized, awareness that we will die
            • For all of us, at some point, the awareness of our own impending death becomes intense
              • Resulting in us evaluating relationships and ordering memories to be left with some consolation for the life we have lived (People w/o families have different experience)
        • Question of human freedom an why we accept things as unchangeable such as why don't the donors rebel
        • I: the emotional world of young characters who accept their fate, and refuse to run from it, because they don't have the perspective or social vision to rebel
        • what it means to face death alone and how this is inevitable, particularly in K's case


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