Neutral Tones

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  • Neutral Tones- Thomas Hardy
    • Context
      • His poems often dealt with the theme of disappointment in life + love
      • Focused on tragic characters and critised the social problems of Victorian England
    • Structure/ Form
      • Written in quatrains, simplest and most recognisable poetic form
      • Regular rhyme scheme ABBA, not regular rhythm- echos the uncomfortable feeling between the two of them
      • Structure is cyclical, the speaker hasn't come to terms with the events and revisits memory
      • Direct address to the partner, more personal
    • Imagery/ Language
      • Poem is set in winter -the lifeless season reflects the their lifeless love and bitter mindset of the speaker
        • "sun was white"
        • "few leaves lay on the starving sod"
      • Second and third stanza shows that she was the one no longer in love, "The smile on your mouth was the deadest thing"
      • "Since then keen lessons that love deceives" + your eyes were on me like eyes that rove", shows betrayal and creates bitter tone
      • Word choices of "ominous", "bitterness" and "tediousness" help to grasp the concept and tone of their relationship
    • Compare for
      • Marriage/ Relationships (especially difficult relationships) with Nettles, Manhunt or My Last Duchess
      • Betrayal, La Belle Dame Sans Merci or My Last Duchess
      • Conflict/ separation
      • Nature, Nettles
      • Memories, My Last Duchess, One Flesh or A Complaint
      • Social Pressures, 1st dates, Valentine, i wanna be yours


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