Neutral tones

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  • Thomas Hardy
    • Context
      • Hardy married twice in his life time
      • His first wife was Emma Gifford died in 1912
      • His second wife Florence Dugdale died in 1928
      • He never fully recovered from the death of his second wife. He was very depressed, and wrote lots of sad poems.
    • Neutral Tones
      • Colour
        • Lots of dull, 'neutral' colors, White, grey, blacks.
        • The colors he describes would have been what he would have seen on a winters day.
      • Language
        • Hardye uses strong and old fashioned words such as "chidden" to get across his anger
        • He constantly repeats how dull the colors are in the scene.
      • Techniques
        • Hardye uses one similie to show us that the smug grin that comes across her face is "Like an omnious bird a-wing
    • Other books
      • Jude the Obscure
        • A book famously despised by his first wife Emma, because she felt to connected to the main character who was less than favorable.
    • Other poems
      • "The walk"
        • Talks about Hardye taking a walk, and leaving his wife Emma behind because she is too weak and frail.
      • "I found her out there"
        • This poem talks about Hardye finding his wife on the edge of a cliff, but when he brings her home she is very ill, and is not mentally well.
    • Key facts
      • Hardye and his first wife Emma did not get a long well, and Emma was even reported to have made Haryde build an attic so she could get away from him.
      • Most of Hardye's work focuses on relationships he has been in, or things he has experienced.
    • Useful Info
      • Hardye died in 1928, meaning he saw the whole of WW1
      • Hardye wrote 20 novels and 15 poem collections
      • Most of his works are used for music, or turned into films or plays.
      • Hardy did not follow religion much, but he went to anglican churches once a week.
    • Good poems to compare with...
      • Loves philosophy
      • when we two parted
      • Untitled


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