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  • Neurons
    • definitions
      • nucleus= stores the DNA, controls the centre of the cell
      • dendrite= receives the nerve impulse of signal from adjacent neurons
      • axon= where the electrical signals pass along
      • myelin sheath= protects the axon from the external influences that might effect the transmission of the nerve impulse
      • nodes of ranvier= speed up transmission of impulse by forcing it to jump
      • terminal buttons= send signals to adjacent cells
    • types of neurons
      • motor neuron
        • function is to carry messages from the CNS to effectors e.g muscles/ glands
        • length= short dendrites, long axons
      • relay neuron
        • function is to transfer messages from sensory neurons to other inter connecting neurons or motor neurons
        • length= short dendrites, short and long axons
      • sensory neurons
        • function is to carry messages from the PNS to the brain and spinal cord
        • length= long dendrites and short axons


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