Neural explanantion of AN

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  • Neural explanation of AN
    • Neuro- development- Pregnancy and birth complications.
      • Lindberg and Hjern- found an association between premature birth and development of AN. Birth implication may lead to brain damage impairing the development of the child.
      • Nutritional factors may be implicated if mothers have an ED.
        • Bulik- suggest mothers with AN expose their offspring to a 'double disadvantage'- inadequate nutrition during pregnancy.
    • Season of birth.
      • Eagles - found individuals with AN are more likely to be born during the spring months.
        • Explanations may include infections during pregnancy and temperature at time of conception.
          • No seasonal effect has been found in equation regions in the world.
      • Wiloughby- among patients with AN in equatorial regions, there was no seasonality effect in the development of AN.


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