Neural correlates

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  • Neural correlates
    • Outline (A01)
      • Both positive and negative symptoms originate in the brain
      • Research methods; post-mortems and f-MRI scans
        • f-MRI scans allow localisation
      • Schizophrenics have abnormally large ventricles, causing damage to central brain areas and pre-frontal cortex
        • Damage associated with negative symptoms
    • Research evidence
      • Boos et al (2012) Schizophrenics had less grey matter than control
        • Suggests brain tissue
      • Tilo et al (2001) Severity of thought disorder negatively correlated with activity in Wernicke's area (area for coherent speech)
        • Shows localisation
    • Evaluate (A03)
      • Enlarged ventricles don't automatically mean schizophrenia
      • Ecplains why some patients don't respond well to medication
      • Too reductionist; ignores social characteristic
      • Lewis (1990) No major link between enlarged ventricles and negative symptoms
      • Empitical methods (scientific)


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