Neural & Hormonal Mechanisms in Aggression

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  • Neural & Hormonal Mechanisms in Aggression
    • Neural mechanisms in aggression
      • Limbic System
        • AO3:CONTRADICTORY; orbital frontal cortex also involed; more complex.
          • SUPPORT: Raine et al: Asymetric hippocampus=>criminals who were caught; more impulsive; Asy. Hippo. linked with aggression
        • Cingulate gyrus, hypothalamus,fornix, amygdala=> humans/non humans animals; how respond to environmental threats
      • Serotonin(Inhibitory): Heavy amounts prevents aggression
        • Lower than normal=Aggression
          • Dolan et al: Postive correlation between testostorone levels & aggressive behaviour; male offenders.
        • Mann et al: 33 healthy participants; given dexfenfluramine(reduces seratonin levels). Found reduced levels led to aggression
        • Birman et al: gave particpants placebo or drug which enhanced seratonin; toke part in game which they give shocks.Ones who toke drugs had significantly less intense shocks.
        • AO3:REDUCTIONISM;ignores social factors in aggression.  Bandura; social learning important factor influence on the aggressive behaviour
          • Zimbardo; deindividuatioin increase aggressive behaviour in  situations where personal responsibility is diminished.
    • Hormonal Mechanisms in aggression
      • Testosterone
        • Dolan; positive correlation; test. levels & aggression in sample of 60 male offenders
        • SUPPORT:Archer meta-analysis of five studies; positive correlation between levels of testosterone and aggression


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