4.3.1 - Networks (1)

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  • Networks
    • Why have a network? (In comparison to  stand alone computers)
      • Easier to keep data up to date
      • A user can access their data from any computer on the network
      • Changes can be seen instantly on all computers
        • Don't have to go around each computer individually to make changes
      • Back ups can be done centrally
      • Network software is cheaper for large groups of computers
        • In comparison to buying software for each individual computer
      • If one computer crashes, the data is still available on other ones
      • Ability to share peripherals (printers, scanners etc.)
      • Files can be shared with other users
        • When these are updated, everyone can have a copy
      • Restrictions and permissions set on certain users
      • Software only has to be installed once
    • Restricting factors of a network
      • Maintenance, technical support
        • Employing a network manager, technicians etc.
      • Viruses can be spread more easily
      • Time and disruption to setting up
      • Not being able to maintain the network
      • If there's a problem with the sever, the whole network suffers
      • Initial cost of everything
        • Connecting, new software, back up old computers, wireless routers, servers etc.
    • 6 Costs of a Network
      • Staffing
        • Network manager, technicians
          • Additional staff for installation
      • Training
        • Time to teach staff
          • How to use, update, maintain etc.
            • Cost to employ trainer
      • Maintenance
        • Network manger, technicians
          • Keeping software up to date
            • Buying new software
              • Sorting out problems
      • Software
        • Network software, new updates, installation time, anti-virus, Network OS
      • 3rd Party Communications
        • Internet provider
      • Hardware
        • Wires, cabling, computers, servers, routers, printers, scanners and network cards etc.
    • Why pay an outside firm rather than employ ICT staff directly?
      • Higher level of expertise
      • Less time finding someone to employ
        • Interviews, advertising etc.
      • Employees can gather extra help from others within their firm
      • The firm can replace staff if they are ill etc.
      • ICT staff come from a trusted source
      • They would be more up to date with the latest developments
      • No professional qualification that they must have
    • Factors that influence choice of network
      • Cost
      • Size of Organisation
        • LAN or WAN?
        • Cabling, Wifi, Telephone usage?
        • Larger sites needs greater maintenance
          • Bigger target to security attacks
      • How will the system be used?
        • Speed of response
        • Batch processing
        • Interactive systems
        • Communicating between stock infomration
      • Existing Systems
        • Network needs to be compatible with existing system
          • Servers, PCs
          • Communications
          • Custom written software
          • Job familarity for employees
        • Can the old system be used as the new one is being integrated?
        • Using part of the existing system will save money
      • Performance Required
        • Network needs to be fast, usable and reliable
        • Don't always need the best system, just one that works for you
        • Software needs to be well tested
        • How will the users be able to get the most out of the system?
      • Security Issues
        • Most organisations need to keep their data secure
        • Virus software needs to be updated and constantly running
        • Allow different kinds of access to the system


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Number one of four Mind Maps related to networking. This one covers general information in regards to a network for example the costs, benefits of and factors influencing the choice of network.

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