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  • Networks
    • Advantages
      • Sharing Files
      • File Sharing
      • Resource Sharing
      • System backups
    • Disavantages
      • System Security
      • File Server Reliablility
      • Computer Virus
    • Client Server Model
      • Where the workstations in any network design use the server to provide a service i.e. online banking
    • What is a client in a network?
      • Computer or workstation on a typical network
    • What is a file server on a network?
      • A Powerful computer that interacts with the clients
    • What is the Network Interface Card (NIC)?
      • Connected to the motherboard (as peripherals or integrally fitted in)
    • What are cables use for in networks?
      • To connect network components
    • What is the bridge used for in networks?
      • Connects networks of the same type + copies data transmitted from one network to another
    • What is the hub used for in networks?
      • Connects many Ethernet cable-type devices (i.e.computers) using ports
    • What are gateways used for in networks?
      • Converts data from format used in sending network into the format used on the receiving network when sharing data between networks of different types


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