Networks - the Internet

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  • Networks - the internet
    • The Internet
      • The internet is a network of networks
      • It is made up of numerous WANs
      • It is based around TCP / IP
      • The WWW is a collection of websites accessed through HTTP
      • URLs are addresses used to access web servers and resources on them
      • A Domain Name Server (DNS) translates a website's domain name into its IP address
    • The cloud
      • Hosting is when a business uses its servers to store files of another organisation
      • The cloud is now the general storage of user files
      • Acts like an extension of the client-server network
      • Pros
        • Users can access files any connected device
        • Easy to increase how much storage is available
        • No need to pay IT staff to manage the hardware
      • Cons
        • Need for connection to the internet
        • Dependent on host for security and back-ups
        • Unclear who has ownership over cloud data
    • Virtual networks
      • A VN is entirely software-based
      • Created by separating bandwidth to form a separate network
      • Several VNs can exist on one physical network
      • Each VN has its own security and firewall
      • VNs can only be accessed by using certain software or login information
      • Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a type of VN that can be used to send data securely
      • A virtual LAN allows you to split s LAN into several networks


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