Networks - LANs and WANs

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  • LANs and WANs
    • LAN
      • Local Area Network
      • Covers a small geographical area located on a single site
      • All the hardware is owned by the organisation that uses it
      • LANs are either wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi)
      • Located in schools and universities
      • Advantage
        • Sharing files is easier
        • You can share the same hardware on a LAN
        • Cheaper
        • Users can log in from any device on the network
    • WAN
      • Wide Area Network
      • Connects LANs that are in different geographical areas
      • Organisations hire infrastructures to manage the WAN
      • WAN are much more expensive
      • WANs can be connected using fibre cables or copper cables
      • The internet is the biggest WAN
    • Factors affecting performance
      • Bandwidth
        • The amount of data that can be transferred in a given time
        • The greater the bandwidth, the better the network ca perform
      • Wired connections are faster and reliable
      • Wireless performance depends on signal quality
      • Fibre optic cables work faster than copper cables
      • Network topologies


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