Networks - hardware

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  • Networks - hardware
    • NICs, switches and routers
      • Network Interface Card
        • Internal piece of hardware that allows devices to connect to a network
        • Built into the motherboard
      • Switches
        • Connects devices on a LAN
        • Receive data from a device then transmit to another device
      • Routers
        • Responsible for transmitting data between networks
        • Direct packets to their destination
        • Used in homes and offices to connect the LAN to the internet.
    • Cables
      • Ethernet
        • Used to connect devices on a LAN
        • Twisted pair cables containing four pairs of twisted copper wires
      • Coaxial
        • Made of a single copper cables surrounded by a plastic layer and a metallic mesh
      • Fibre optic
        • Transmit data as light
        • They are high performance
        • Expensive
        • Can transmit data over large distances
    • Wireless data
      • You need a Wireless Access Point
      • A WAP is a switch that allows devices to connect wirelessly
      • To connect, devices need wireless capabilities
    • Wi-Fi
      • Wi-Fi uses 2 frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
      • 2.4GHz has a higher range
      • 5GHz is faster
      • Bands are split into numbered channels that cover a small frequency rage
      • Channels in 2.4GHz band overlap
      • Its performance is affected by interference


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