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  • Networks
    • Performance
      • Bandwidth is the mount of data that can pass between two networks
        • Factors affecting performance/bandwidth speed
          • Quality of transmission media
          • Interference from external factors
          • Number of devices on network (bandwidth is shared)
    • Client-server
      • Server is accessed from multiple clients
        • Server controls access and hosts programs
          • Client machines can be low specification
          • Processing workload, backups, security and user access are managed centrally
    • Peer to Peer
      • All computers act as both client and server
        • Share files, programs and network access
        • Security permissions shared
        • User can access contents of any other users computer
    • Virtual Network
      • Created using software rather than physical devices
        • Allows users to share data without need for physical servers and switches
    • Hardware
      • NIC
        • Allows computer to communicate with network
          • Includes MAC address
            • Provides unique identifier with LAN
            • Hexadecimal format
            • Hardwired into network device
      • Switches
        • Act as gateway between computers
          • Allows data to be passed between and sent directly to destination MAC address
      • Routers
        • Connect networks together
      • WAP
        • Devices that connect to network and allow external connections
      • Transmission media
        • Wired networks use copper Ethernet cables to transmit data
        • Fibre optic cables are used in larger networks requiring bigger bandwidths over long distances
        • WiFi uses radio waves to transmit data between routers and computers
        • Wireless networks sometimes include 3G and 4G networks and Bluetooth
    • Global servers/Internet
      • DNS is an Internet naming service that link IP address to text based website address that's easier to remember
        • IP addresses are assigned to network devices to allow data transfer across Internet
          • Static if permanently assigned to specific computer
          • Dynamic if assigned by router within a network and can change when network restarts
          • Stored as 4 denary number
      • Hosting
        • Allowing users to access the host via network connection
          • Host must be constantly running and maintained
            • High level of technical knowledge is needed
      • Cloud computing
        • Allows users to acces remote files and run applications
          • Multiple users can access workplace applications from remote server without installing applications
          • Allows users to access latest software from Internet-connected location
          • Allows remote working and collaboration


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