Networks - Wi-Fi, SW. Components and Security Strategies

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  • Networks
    • Wireless Networking
      • Advantages of Wi-Fi
        • Allows inexpensive LANs to be set up w/o cables
        • Allows people to work anywhere a signal can be received
        • Ideal for networks in old buildings where cables cannot be installed
        • Global set of standards - use all over the world
      • Problems of Wi-Fi
        • Power consumption is high - laptops soon exhaust rechargeable batteries
        • Security problems, even when encryption is used
        • Limited range
        • Interference if signals overlap
        • Transmission speed slower than cable
    • Software Components
      • Many companies employ a network manager
      • Network manager uses specialist SW to help w/ network managementadmin and problem solving
    • User Accounts and Logs
      • User accounts are designed to help users
      • Each account can be given different permissions.
      • Each time an account is used, a log file is created which details the user’s activity
        • Time of log on
        • Workstations used
        • Files opened
    • Security Strategies
      • Specialist SW can be used to deal w/ security threats
        • Virus Checking SW
          • Each workstation can be configured to check for viruses at a set time
          • The server can ‘push’ new virus definitions to client machines


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