Networks - Topologies

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  • Networks
    • Topologies
      • Bus
        • Single backbone cable linked to all terminals.
          • Requests (eg.  To open a file) are sent in data packets along the backbone
            • Each machine reads the header to see if it is for that machine - data could go to every machine
        • Advantages
          • Cheap - little cable
          • If one workstation fails, the others are unaffected
          • Perfect for light traffic
        • Disadvantage
          • If the backbone breaks = failure
          • High traffic = lots of data collisions = SLOW
          • Insecure - data goes to every terminal
      • Ring
        • One computer makes a token, which is passed along the ring one machine at a time.
          • If a machine wants to send a message, it attaches it to the token
            • The token will then be read by the receiving machine.
      • Star
        • All terminals are connected directly to a central node.
      • Definition
        • Reflect how computers are connected together and how they communicate


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