Networks LAN and WAN

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  • Networks
    • LAN
      • Local Area Networks
      • Seen in most offices and schools
      • Needs the following hardware to work:
        • 1) A network file server- a computer that runs the software needed by the network and stores files
        • 2) individual workstations- givs users access to the network and can use the network's software
        • 3) a print server is needed if the network of computers wish to sare one computer
        • 4) for the network to work, data needs to be sent toand from all parts of the network. this can be done using wires, fiber optics or radio signals
    • WAN
      • Wide Area Networks
      • Used when computers that need to be connectd are in different places
      • Need servers tooperate the network, but users connect to it from a distance, often using telephone lines
      • they are used by companies who have employees working away from the main sites.
    • Network= two or more computers connected together.
    • Advantages:
      • Software can be shared
      • communication is cheap and fast
      • Peripherals such as printers can be shared amongst may users
    • Disadvantages:
      • Cabilling can be expensive to install and replace
      • A fault wit the server can prevent the whole network working
      • viruses could disable the entire network


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