Networking Hardware

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  • Networking Hardware
    • Hubs & Switches
      • When a Hub receives data from one device, it will send it to every device on that network
      • They both connect together a series of devices to form a network
        • This allows data and resources to be shared
      • When a switch receives from one device it has a table storing the addresses of every device connected to that network
    • NIC
      • Stands for Network Interface Card
      • It is a component that connects a device to a network physically eg. through a cable
      • It adjusts the data sent from the computer into a required format according to protocols
    • Router
      • It is a device that connects different networks together
      • Reads the data's destination address and looks up in the table all the paths to get to that address
      • In order to send data from one place to another it ahs a table in memory that contains list of all the networks
    • WAP
      • Stands for Wireless Access Point
      • Wireless allows you to be mobile when using devices, however, it is not as fast as a wired connection
      • To access the network you must have the password to it unless it is unsecure
      • A device that allows a wireless network card to connect to it and share data


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