Network security threats 3

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  • Network security threats
    • Network policy
      • Regularly test the network to find and fix security weaknesses
      • Use passwords to prevent unauthorised people from getting to the network
      • Enforce user access levels
      • Install anti-malware and firewall software to prevent attacks
      • Encrypt sensitive data
    • Penetration testing
      • It is when a company employ specialists to simulate potential attacks
      • Pentesting is used to identify possible weaknesses in a network's security
    • Network forensics
      • Investigations to find the cause of attacks on a network
      • After the network is attacked, these packets can be analysed to discover how it happened
    • Passwords
      • Help prevent unauthorised users accessing the network
      • Passwords should have many characters, combination of letters, numbers and symbols
      • Should be changed frequently
    • User access levels
      • Control which parts of a network different users can access
      • Helps limit the number of people with access to important data
    • Anti-malware software
      • Designed to fins and stop malware from damaging an organisation's network
      • Companies use firewalls to block unauthorised access
      • Firewalls examine all data entering and leaving the network
    • Encryption
      • When data is translated into a code which only someone with the correct key can access
      • Encrypted text is called cipher text and when it has not been  encrypted it is called plain text
      • Encryption is essential for sending data over a network securely


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