Network Layering

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  • Network-Layering
    • Layer 1: Application
      • Makes sure data produced is an acceptable format for the application
      • The software application generating the data needs to supply the data in an acceptable format for the receiver
    • Layer 2: Transport
      • Establishes connections across the network
      • It communicates with the receiving  device to agree on protocols
        • Size of packet
        • Speed at which data is sent and received
    • Layer 3: Internet
      • Transmits data across different networks
      • Identifies the destination IP
      • Establishes a path across the network to the destination
        • Via routers
    • Layer 4: Network
      • Passes data to the local physical network
      • Converts data into electrical signals so that they can be understood by the network
      • Transmitted over media such as: copper wire, optical fibre and wireless


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