Poetry- Nettles

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  • Nettles
    • Structure
      • Alternate rhyme scheme
        • The regular format could suggest the fact that the father is always there for his son, and will always want to protect him no matter what.
        • In terms of war it could suggest the permanent impact and the fact that it will be a regular occurrence for these men remembering the pain of war.
      • One stanza
        • This suggests the fact that it is the father and sons story.
        • It could also suggest the fact that soldiers from war deserve to have their stories told as well
    • War Imagery
      • "green spears" "regiment of spite"
        • This suggests the negative connotations associated with war, and therefore allows us to see the extended metaphor scannell uses for war.
        • Shows how painful the nettles can be, and suggest the fact that they can cause a lot of pain to any one.
    • alliteration- "blisters beaded"
      • suggests bitterness and anger, referring to the fact his son was stung.
    • "sharp wounds again"
      • This suggests the fact that war is ongoing and will never end, just like the fact that the son will continue to be hurt by the nettles.


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