Netherlands Dance Theatre (formation, Kylian, Van Manen)

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  • Netherlands Dance Theatre (NDT)
    • Formation
      • founded in 1959 by a group of dancers who broke away from The Netherlands Ballet.
      • NDT was based in the Hague.
      • The company was influenced by many leading American modern dance pioneers, such as Martha Graham, Loie Fuller and Ruth St. Denis.
      • Van Manen and Harkarvey were joint directors.
    • Ji?í Kylián
      • Born in Prague in 1947.
      • Started training age nine at the Ballet school of prague.
      • In 1967 Kylian went to the Royal Ballet school in london.
      • First major job was working with John Cranko, he was offered a Dancers contract but encouraged to create his own works.
      • In 1973 Kylian made his first work for NDT.
      • 'Having created a unique and very personal style in the course of the years, Kylian's pieces defy academic categorization, blending elements of many sources.
    • Hans Vann Mannen.
      • Bagan his ballet career in 1951 as a member of Sonia Gaskell's company.
      • Began working with NDT in 1960.
      • Escaping the 'ballet war'; in the netherlands and worked in paris, in 1960 returned to start work with NDT.
      • internal disputes led Van Manen to quit in 1971, working at the Dutch national ballet for the folowing 15 years, he then returned to NDT for another fifteen years, before going back to DNB where he has remained until date.


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