Nervous system

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  • Nervous system
    • Receptors
      • Eye
        • Light
          • Receptor cells have...
            • Nucleus
            • Cytoplasm
            • Cell membrane
      • Ears
        • Sound
        • Changes in position
        • Balence
      • Tongue
        • Chemicals
      • Skin
        • Pain
        • Pressure
        • Temperature
      • Nose
        • Chemicals
      • Detect stimuli
        • Changes in the environment
    • Definition
      • Enables humans to react to their surroundings and co-ordinate their behaviour
    • Reflex actions
      • Brain co-ordinates the respose
      • Automatic and fast
      • Process...
        • Impulses from a receptor pass along a sensory neurone to the CNS
          • At a junction (synapse), between a sensory and a relay neurone, a chemical is released that causes an impulse to be sent along a relay neurone
            • A chemical is then released at at the synapse between the relay and motor neurone, causes impulses to be sent along a motor neurone to the effector
              • The response occurs
      • Effector
        • Muscle
          • Contracts
        • Gland
          • Secreting chemical substances


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