Nervous system

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  • Nervous System
    • Peripheral
      • Somatic
        • The voluntary actions of our body, conscious control of our body
      • Autonomic
        • Sympathetic
          • Prepares for stress/ emergency situations
        • Parasympathetic
          • Calms and relaxes the body
        • Largely unconscious and regulate bodily functions.
      • PNS consists of sensory and motor nerves
        • Sensor- the receptors
          • Exteroceptor, proprioceptor, interceptors
        • Motor- the effector. The muscle that carries out the response
    • Central Nervous System
      • The Brain
        • Cerebrum
          • Largest part- thinking, memory, speaking, moving
        • The control centre for every activity (conscious and involuntary)
        • Cerebellum
      • Spinal Cord
        • Carries information from the body to the brain, brain analyses, makes decision, spinal cord  then from the brain to the body
    • Functions
      • Sensory- can see the ball coming towards them
      • Interpretive- the stimulus is interpreted by the CNS to provide response
      • Motor- CNS send nerve impulses to the muscular system to contract and catch the ball


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