dominance of ruling class ideoology

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  • Neo-Marxist explanations of inequality
    • Neo-Marxists have developed the ideas of Marx, taking account of the changes and developments in the 20th century. They argue that the infrastructure and the social relations that arise from it are more important in understand inequalities, but so to is the role of ideas and culture.
    • Gramsci 1991 stressed the role of ideas in enabling the ruling class to maintain power and control
      • He argued that the ruling class spread their ideas through social institutions such as education, religion and the media.
      • He used the concept of Hegemony to describe the ideological control the dominant class had over the masses.
      • He argued the bourgeoisie control the working class by controlling ideas. The ideas of the ruling class have become the dominant ideas
      • He argued that the ruling class couldn't rely on the working class having a false class  consciousness as there is evidence to suggest many of them understood only to well they were being exploited and at times challenged it.
      • Hegemony persuades them that the power and rule of the bourgeoisie are legitimate.


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