Neo-Marxism and Crime

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  • Neo-Marxism and Crime
    • Influenced by Trad. Marxism and Labelling Theory.
    • New Criminology
      • Taylor, Walton and Young.
      • Argue Trad. Marxism is too deterministic.
        • We are 'voluntarists' - believe individuals have free will.
          • We choose how we react to capitalism - this may well be through crime.
      • Crime is a deliberate and meaningful political response.
        • Vandalism is a symbolic attack on society's obsession with property.
      • Evaluation
        • Left Realists have criticised NC for over-romanticizing WC criminals
          • Robin Hood characters!
        • Taylor et al - NC do not take effects of crime on W/C victims seriously.
        • Difficult to find the political motive behind domestic violence, ****, and child abuse?
        • Burke - Too general to explain crime
          • And too idealistic to take it practically!
    • Argue that the R/C are aware of the revolutionary potential of the W/C.
      • Therefore it takes steps to control it!
        • Targets W/C areas.
        • Introduces repressive laws such as the CJA.
        • Moral Panics are created - DIVIDE AND RULE!!
        • Hall - mugging and street robbery in the 1970's. Used to divide Black and White W/C's.
          • Diverted attention from the mismanaged capitalist state.


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